The Outlaw Film Cabal


We exist to celebrate the freedom to express ourselves in our most beloved media; film. We honor and seek to emulate those who smashed through the barriors of cinematic oppression and pioneered new frontiers of creativity.


Kenneth Anger - for breaking all the rules of film, his rampant sexuality and fascination with the occult.

Russ Myers - for his wonderful exposes of american hypocrisy and large breasted women.

John Waters - for his brilliant parodies of "normal" society and twisted sense of humor.

David Lynch - for his warped takes on the mainstream and for not repressing his surrealistic impulses.

Johnny Depp - for refusing the hollywood fads and big bucks in favor of vital and provocative roles.

Traci Lords - for pursuing and achieving her vision when all the odds were stacked against her.

Penelope Spheeris - for making documentaries interesting again.

Drew Barrymore - for being an unabashed, unapologetic rebel.

Psychotronic Film Society - for introducing the human polulace to wonderful, bizarre, macabre, revolutionay films.

Pentagram Films - for breaking new territory in horror-erotica.