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Mo7s - Wjale MP3

Mo7s is an enigma wrapped inside a mystery. Or it might be more accurate to say that it's essential nature is elusive. It's not meant to be discovered, dissected and examined. That would destroy it. It's meant to be experienced, then forgotten. The music is a ritual, an act of magick that creates an altered state of mind in which change can occur. Whether this happens or not depends on the nature of the individual. Some people will respond to Mo7s with enthusiasm, some with despair, some will simply be confused. That's the nature of magick, it doesn't work the same for everybody.

The style varies from techno, industrial, ambient to modern classical and is based on a wide variety of sonic experiments. I didn't set out to create something specific or aimed at a particular demographic slice but to play with possibilities, to push the limits of music with well planned and precisely executed procedures that resulted in a variety of sonic pieces. I didn't keep notes on the exact processes I used, but instead chose a more free-from and spontaneous mode of expression.

All I can do now is unleash it.

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