Our Goals

As regards Marijuana:

The fact that Marijuana has medical benefits has been well established in numerous journals and books. Our first goal is to help establish the breadth of those benefits through funding research and to insure that everyone who can benefit, does.

Our second goal is to fund research into the establishment of strains of medical marijuana grown for specific ailments (such as depression), and to create a "general purpose" strain that is beneficial in most cases.

Our third goal is the establishment of government funded opportunities for people below the poverty level to grow, most likely in collectives, marijuana for medical use.

Our final, but perhaps most important goal, especially for the present, is to provide a database of research evidence of the benefits of marijuana for medical use. This database can be used for the formulation of treatment programs or for court cases in which people feel that their rights have been violated.

Our overal goal is to be of benefit to the Canadian communitee specifically, and the larger community in general.

Any support will be greatly appreciated.

Contact: The Entheogen Research Association.