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Liquid Culture


Liquid Culture began in 1997 as a collaboration of various artists built around a single vision; pure sonic experimentation. The first three CD's were produced by two artists; S.R. and Ferron Jones. No potential source of noise, media clips, processing, electronica and just plain noise are overlooked in the creation of their unique music.

Each CD is available for $10 s&h included. Write to:

Shell Runar

POBox 28607, 4050 E. Hastings St.

Burnaby BC, V5C 6J4




First release after a long hiatus from music, Liquid Culture (formally called Dissent and then Pansophist Sirens) releases in 1997 an eclectic mix of short pieces with the focus on intense experimentation. Strange and bizarre sounds, melodies, rhythms and other exotica spill forth from this CD.


Second set of experimental pieces, this time without a limiting main theme. Further explorations of the limits of musical interpretation and discovery. Nothing of the strange, nocturnal or alien was missed here. Pure sonic architecture.

Altered State of Mood

Several long pieces of dark ambiance and esoteric sounds from the depths of humanity. Mixes of captured sounds blend with noise and musical experimention to create a unique experience. Good for sinister ritual work at 4:20 at night.



Axe Guru

Live solo's of various excellent guitarists such as Frank Zappa, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Frank Marino, Joe Satriani, Randy Rhodes, Robert Fripp, Jimmy Page and Adrian Belew. A unique CD of the best of the best improv playing you're ever likely to hear.

From Delirium Dreams for $10, s&h included.

Shell Runar

POBox 28607, 4050 E. Hastings St.

Burnaby, BC V5C 6J4




a Tribute to Aleister Crowley


This is a CD in progress, bands are being contacted and collaborations are forming. If you have a piece to submit, please notify us. In case you haven't heard of Crowley, here are a few places to get you started:

The Ordo Templi Orientis - a masonic group that Crowley inherited and transformed.

The A.'.A.'. - one of a number of A.'.A.'. lineages out there, this one is probably the best known.

Your One Stop Libri Shop - an excellent collection of Crowley's writings.

The Ape of Thoth - a text daemon that quotes Crowley. Great way to get started.


Spoken Text

The Holy Books of Thelema

This is a collaborative effort by a wide range and number of Thelemites each taking passages with the final project being edited together by S.R. of Liquid Culture. The first project is Liber Al vel Legis, already done once but it needs to be done again. If you are interested in participating, drop us a line.

If you have other suggestions of books we should convert to spoken text, tell us. We'll probably concentrate on Crowley for a while but all suggestions are welcome.




The Esoteric Internet

A large collection of esoterica from BBS's and from the Internet. There are sections of various occult, spiritual, new age materials. There are Pagan materials (especially Wicca), Thelemic, Chaotic, Rosicrucian, Satanic, Freemasonic, Voudon and others. Materials include HTML, TXT and Grafix, unedited.

This collection is simply a CD mirror of what is publically available and we don't claim to own the rights to these, but are simply making them more accessible. The low price reflects our costs and not a profit.


CD-ROM - $ 6.66, s&h included. Write to:

Shell Runar

POBox 28607, 4050 E. Hastings St.

Burnaby BC, V5C 6J4


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