K. J. Germer 240 West 72nd STREET NEW YORK 23- N.Y. _ ENDICOTT 2-6799


In the event of my death or accident I leave the whole of my property and possessions to my beloved wife Sascha Ernestine Andre-Germer as sole heir. This refers to my personal property, of which she is the sole executive. As regards the property of the Order Ordo Templi Orientis, of which I am the Head, I direct that this is passed to the Heads of the Order, but that my wife, Mrs. Sascha E. Andre-Germer, has to be the executor of this part of my Will, together with Frederic Mellinger IX° of the O.T.O. I direct that my body be cremated.

[Signed: Karl Johannes Germer.] Karl Johannes Germer

New York, N.Y. Witnesses, in the presence of each other and of the testator.

[Signed:The first signature is unreadable, the second is "Frederic Mellinger]